Covid  Procedures

Updated for Fall 2021-2022

  • As of July 1st - masks will be optional for all dancers (following the lead of Osceola & Orange County Public Schools).  Camps will still require masks during crafts when they will be closer in contact for longer periods of time. 

  • Dancers must have their hair in a high ponytail or bun (preferably a bun) with all their baby hairs sprayed down with hair spray so their hair does not touch their face while dancing.  This causes dancers to touch their face while in class out of habit.

  • Our studio lobby has re-opened, viewing of live classes will be done through Spot TV.

  • Upon entering the dancers will place all their belongs on a hook down our hallway.  No belongs on the floor of the studio lobby.

  • Dancers must get hand sanitizer from our touchless hand sanitizer dispenser immediately after placing their belongs on a hook.

  • As class comes to an end, Dancers will get hand sanitizer again from our touchless dispenser.

  • Once Dancers have left the dance room the staff will quickly use disinfectant wipes to clean all door handles, ballet barres.

  • Each evening the floors in the studio will be steamed cleaned.

  • The studio will be deep cleaned once a week.

These procedures will remain in place through December 2021 and will be revisited at that time, unless otherwise directed by local authorities