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Frequently Asked Questions

Information from our Director

  1. Do you offer unlimited tuition rates?

    • No, I do not believe in unlimited rates. I do offer a multi-class discounts for each additional class taken where dancers are registering for a class they want to be in rather than a parent signing up for multiple classes under an unlimited rate in order to get the most bang for their buck.  I have seen it in many different situations, and it just decreases the dance education of all dancers in the class.  We keep a strict class teacher/dancer ratio to ensure the safety and learning experience for all the dancers in the class. Think quality over quantity. Could the studio make more business wise if we sold unlimited subscriptions, of course!! Could we guarantee the quality of instruction if we offered an unlimited rate? Unfortunately, the answer is no. ​

  2. ​Do you offer team options?
    • Yes!! I currently have 9 different team options between our St.Cloud/Lake Nona Location and Downtown Avalon Park. Competitive and Non-Competitive team options starting at 5 yrs old. Our dancers have performed for a variety of events such as Orlando Solar Bears, Orlando Magic, Harlem Globetrotters, Fire Frogs, Gaylord Palms ICE Exhibit, multiple school carnivals, Starpower Battle on the Seas Competition Cruise, Dance the World Broadway in New York City plus many many more opportunities to come!!​
  3. The season already started can we still join?

    • YES!! I allow registrations throughout the season ​through usually February 1st for the fall season. If there is room in the class, I do allow registrations however our classes do fill up quickly!

  4. Can we do a free trial?

    • I do offer free trials once our Fall Season begins, unfortunately due to the short summer session we do not offer free trials in the summer. Fall season free trials can be scheduled once the season has started.  The reason I wait until the season starts is because a class may no longer have availability to register so we would hate for a dancer to come to a class, take a trial class to then be told the class is full when they had an amazing experience.  Not 100% sure the class you are selecting for the upcoming season is what your dancer may love? That's ok, as long as there is room in another class, we can very easily move your dancer to another class.  For example - if they register in the summer for our fall season in a Hip Hop class - they start and after the first few weeks they decide Hip Hop is not for them, we can easily switch them into a Lyrical class if they prefer that slower style as long as that Lyrical class has a spot available. ​However if you do not show up for your scheduled free trial, we do remove the ability to schedule an additional free trial and any additional trials scheduled will be at the cost of $15 per trial. 

  5. What happens if we register and my dancer changes their mind and no longer wants to dance? 

    • As a mom of 5 children - I know dancers can change their interest at any time and it may not be on the perfect schedule. I just require a 30-day written notice to withdraw from our season and you are only responsible for tuition during that 30-day withdrawal timeframe. If you have signed up to be in the studio's annual recital there are a few more stipulations that are required if the studio is less than 60 days from the annual show. ​


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