Circus Camp

Explore the magical world of the circus arts! Acrobatics, tumbling, face painting, theater skills, and clowning. Delight family and friends in our live performance on Friday! No experience necessary. All levels are welcome. Students will be grouped in level appropriate and age appropriate groups.

Week with the Arts

Dance, Sing, Act, and make music in this engaging and fun camp. We’ll begin each day with a warm up, and learn music and rhythm together. Each day we will highlight a found art and create an art project in their style. Afternoons, we will explore acting games and dance class. At the end-of-camp presentation, your artist will be able to show you that they are a quadruple threat!

Creative Choreography Camp

Get those creative juices flowing with ASDC Creative Choreography Camp! Dancers will try all styles of dance and choose their favorite one to choreograph their very own solo! They will leave with a self-choreographed, stage ready piece-aided by our amazing instructors- and a better understanding of what it takes to make a dance! Level 2 dancers will choreograph 2 extra dances, one duet and one small group.


You are joyfully invited on an enchanted journey! Every day we’ll enter the world of a different fairy tale with dance, music, theater and art. Create fairy wands, crowns, dress up, and dance with your favorite fairy tales! Engaging teachers will captivate you child’s imagination and engage their love of dance. This popular camp fills quickly and space is limited.

Sleeping Beaty & Friends Dance Camp

Immerse your child in different princess themed ballets! They know the story now be inspired by becoming the ballerina. Ballet classes followed by choreography inspired by famous ballets. These ballets engage students with a the well known tale now told through movement. In addition to skill and choreography, students will also create magical art projects that will become each dancers' costumes for a family presentation at the end of each day.

Ballet and Broadway

The best of both worlds - Classical and Jazz! Each day begins with warm up and ballet technique. Then we will explore music theater jazz with moves from a different broadway show each day - Cats, Lion King, Annie, Wicked and Guys & Dolls. Explore stage makeup and face painting for the finishing touches! Students will perform presentations for friends and family at the end of the week, with an optional extra performance on Saturday! (For the one-day camps, dancers will perform at pickup!)

Candyland Day Camps

Lolly pop - lolly pop - oh lolli lolli pop! Join us for a candy inspired camp. Romp around the sweet stories. Twirl through the candy forest and magically leap through a full scale version of Candyland. This sweet inspired day camp is sure to grab your child’s interest. Student mini show at the end of camp.

Pretty Pretty Princess Dance Camp

Hear ye, hear ye! Join us for an accessory inspired camp. Romp around the princess stories. Twirl through the kingdoms and magically leap through a full scale version of Pretty, Pretty Princess. This fairytale inspired day camp is sure to grab your child’s interest. Student's have a mini show at the end of camp.